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TADS 3 Library - extras: special-purpose object classes

This module defines classes for specialized simulation objects.

Portions are based on original work by Eric Eve, incorporated by permission.

Summary of Classes  

Attachable  BagOfHolding  Candle  ComplexComponent  ComplexContainer  ContainerDoor  Dispensable  Dispenser  FireSource  FueledLightSource  GuidedInTravelState  GuidedTourState  Key  Keyring  Matchbook  Matchstick  NearbyAttachable  PermanentAttachment  PermanentAttachmentChild  PlugAttachable  PresentLater  RearContainer  RearSurface  RestrictedRearContainer  RestrictedRearSurface  RestrictedUnderside  SpaceOverlay  SpaceOverlayAbandonFinisher  StretchyContainer  TourGuide  Underside 

Summary of Global Objects  

nearbyAttachableCond  objNotAttached 

Summary of Global Functions  


Global Functions  


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