Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
General Introduction
Creating your First TADS 3 Project
Programming Prolegomena
Further Programming
Chapter 2: A Sample Game
A Very Simple Game
Adding Items to the Game
Making the Items do Something
Chapter 3: Starting Out Again
Starting a New Game
Defining Our First Room
Adding an Object to the Room
Tying Up Some Loose Strings
Chapter 4: Moving Around
Basic Travel
Climbing the Tree
Making Life More Problematic
Rewarding the Effort
Controlling the Action
Other Responses to Actions
Chapter 5: Character Building
Setting the Scene
A Basic Burner
Ending the Game
The Art of Conversation
What's in a Name?
Chapter 6: Expanding the Horizons
Doors and Windows
Crossing the Stream
Burying the Boots
Calling a Spade a Spade
Chapter 7: Pushing the Boat Out
Let There be Light
Row My Boat
Going Shopping
Handling Cash Transactions
Chapter 8: Finishing Off
Filling in Some Gaps
Counting the Cash
Looking Through the Window
Easing Testing and Debugging
Where to go from here
Appendix A: Action Message Properties